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The Journey of Roman Sotam, Indigenous Rapper Roman Sotam, the Indigenous rapper from the Goshute Shoshone Tribe, embodies the power of embracing diversity and creating art within his own headspace. Raised in a culturally rich environment, Sotam draws from his diverse upbringing to craft a unique musical perspective. His introspective lyrics and raw storytelling offer […]

Embark on a musical odyssey with Kainalu, the moniker of Trent Prall, a captivating artist who merges dreamy indie pop with psychedelic undertones. Through lush melodies, intricate instrumentation, and introspective lyrics, Kainalu invites listeners to explore new dimensions of sound and emotion. In a recent interview with Markus Teuton, the host of “Indigenous Jazz” Trent […]

John Paul Hodge opened up about his experiences with being labeled based on his personal style and musical genre. Growing up, Hodge was heavily influenced by his father’s western wear and country music, but he also performed in different genres, such as thrash metal and soul. Unfortunately, Hodge’s cowboy hat and western wear often led to […]

Nils Rune Utsi, widely known as SlinCraze, is an exceptional artist who is on a mission to preserve and celebrate the vibrant culture of the Sámi, the Indigenous people of northern Europe. Through his mesmerizing music, SlinCraze captures the essence of Sámi heritage and amplifies their cultural identity to a global audience. With his heartfelt […]

Children of the Setting Sun Productions is a Lummi family tradition of Native Storytelling, which aims to keep the family’s culture alive by utilizing both traditional and modern art mediums. As per the instructions left by their great grandfather, Frank Hillaire, the group is dedicated to preserving and sharing their heritage. Recently, Darrell Hilaire of […]

Carsen Gray is a rising star in the world of music, known for her unique sound that blends her Indigenous heritage with contemporary pop and R&B. Gray, who is of Haida descent, has been making waves in the industry with her soulful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. See Carson Gray Perform Live in Seattle!  Gray’s impact […]

Today we want to talk about an exciting band that’s been making waves in the rock scene: the Blue Mountain Tribe. If you’re not already familiar with their sound, you’re in for a treat. The Blue Mountain Tribe blends rock, folk, and blues to create a truly unique sound that’s hard to resist. Some of […]

John Hitchcock is an artist and educator who draws inspiration from his Native American heritage. His works explore colonization, identity, and environmentalism using layering and mixed media. He has taught at several universities and received numerous awards, including a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant and a United States Artists Fellowship. His works can be found in […]

Daybreak Star Radio Network has been inspiring and empowering listeners since its inception, but one voice that stands out is that of Paige Pettibon. Her captivating personality and positive energy have been a beacon of hope and inspiration for all across the airwaves. Paige Pettibon is an artist based in Tacoma, Washington. Her work is […]

Katherine Paul who performs under the name Black Belt Eagle Scout, is a Native American singer, songwriter and guitarist who hails from the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community in the state of Washington. Her music is a unique blend of indie rock and folk, infused with elements of her indigenous heritage. Paul began her music career […]

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