Submit Music

Your submission must include this one sheet or cover sheet.  Simply list who you are,
tribal affiliation(s), and what you have sent.  This is how to get us to notice your
music/band and how to stand out on one sheet of paper (not 2 sheets, not 3 sheets, just
ONE.  We will only look at page 1).
Please include the following in your ONE SHEET:

  • Song list.
  • List out any songs that are not FCC friendly (curse words). We cannot play them
    before 10pm.
  • List “Go To” tracks (pick your best two or three songs)
  • Have you been reviewed?  If so, let us know where (with link) and send us a few
    honest quotes. What makes your band/music/spoken word stand out?
  • Signposts. What is your genre? Rock, Traditional, Metal, Ska, Hip Hop, Flute, etc.
  • Sign the agreement and send in giving us permission to play your music: Agreement
  • Keep it short and simple

The address for any mail for Daybreak Star Radio Network is:


United Indians
Attn: Daybreak Star Radio
PO BOX 99100
Seattle, WA 98139

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