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Support indigenous arts by showcasing your brand on our Internet and App based station.

Directly reach the eyes and ears of Native Americans, First Nations, and indigenous peoples.


Build recognition and trust with your brand through targeted marketing.  Custom sponsorship or

underwriting packages created just for you.


88% of public radio listeners have a more positive opinion of a company when they find out that

they support public radio.

62% of listeners believe your company is more credible when they learn that you support public radio.

80% of public radio listeners prefer to buy products from companies that support public radio.


Daybreak Star Radio’s DJs curate music mixes that span multiple genres from traditional to new

music discovery – promoting all genres of indigenous music.  Options available for spot

campaigns, specialty show sponsorship, and special programing alignment.


Daybreak Star Radio seeks underwriting representing a broad spectrum of funding sources:

corporations, foundations, individuals, government agencies, and others. All funding sources

are considered and potential conflict of interest and problems of listener misperception, confusion,

or similar reason regarding the funder’s role and/or influence on programming will be considered

in accepting or rejecting underwriting. Announcements are strictly for identification of donors

and should not promote the company, products, or services of the donor. Underwriter identification

by announcement of legal or recognized name, product or service line, corporate slogan (only

for identification and not promotion), location, time in business, and telephone or website.

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Daybreak Star Donor Services at [email protected]

Sponsorship Policy

Daybreak Star Radio accepts sponsorships at its sole discretion, and reserves the right to refuse underwriting from any company for any reason. Any implied endorsement flows from the underwriter to Daybreak Star Radio, not Daybreak Star Radio to the underwriter. The companies that provide financial support for DSR services do not have any control over, or involvement in, our programming or editorial processes.

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