Howie Echo-Hawk’s Indigenous Influences

Written by on December 31, 2023

In a captivating conversation on Daybreak Star Radio, Noe and Dirty Harry delve into the artistic realm with trans-nonbinary Howie Echo-Hawk. Renowned for challenging norms through film, Howie’s work amplifies diverse voices and narratives, creating a space for inclusive storytelling.

As the founder of Indigenize Productions, Howie extends their artistic prowess into the podcasting realm with “everynativepisode.” This platform fosters enriching conversations that celebrate the profound richness of Indigenous experiences.

Follow Howie’s vibrant journey on Instagram: @theresmore, @howieechohawk, @shithowieechohawksaid, @Indigenizeproductions, @everynativepisode, and @ghosthorseband. Join the movement embracing queer, trans Indigenous excellence, where in Howie’s world, “there is just more” to explore and celebrate.

Step into Howie Echo-Hawk’s world, where artistic brilliance meets the profound influence of Indigenous heritage—an exploration that promises inspiration and empowerment.



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