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During a recent interview on Daybreak Star Radio, hosts Sherry (Red) and Dirty Harry delved into the captivating story of TheSoberJunkie™️©️, a versatile artist known for his roles in singing, songwriting, acting, biking, and fatherhood. The episode took an intriguing turn with the inclusion of TheSoberJunkie™️©️’s spouse, Neechi Bee, creating a dynamic narrative of resilience […]

Join Noelani and Dirty Harry in a vibrant conversation as they unravel the artistic essence of Sarah Gould (she/they/he) who is a proud member of the Kamilpa Yakama/Wallowa Nimiipuu, whose journey from Lapwai, Idaho, to Goldendale, Washington, and finally to Seattle, showcases the resilience of cultural identity. A University of Washington alum, Sarah’s connection to […]

Join Innastate for an exciting glimpse into their life on the road and the creation of their upcoming music! In this candid interview, the band shares their touring adventures, the places that inspire them, and what it’s like to bring their music to diverse audiences across the country. Get an exclusive preview of their new […]

Join us for an intimate conversation with the members of Innastate as they delve into their musical journey and creative process. In this exclusive interview, Innastate opens up about their influences, songwriting techniques, and the unique blend of reggae and rock that defines their sound. Discover how their Native American heritage plays a significant role […]

Ailloš, also known as Iŋgor Ántte Áilu Gaup, is set to deliver a one-of-a-kind musical experience this weekend at Daybreak Star Radio. Yoik: A Unique Tradition Yoik, the traditional Sámi form of singing, is at the heart of Ailloš’ artistry. With a profound connection to nature and all living beings, Ailloš has been yoiking for […]

Matthew Gilbert: Safeguarding Arctic Village Against Climate Change Matthew Gilbert, a resident of Arctic Village in Alaska, resides in one of the most pristine and secluded regions of the United States. Raised by his grandparents, he imbibed a deep respect for the environment and the responsibility to protect it. His connection to the land and […]

The Journey of Roman Sotam, Indigenous Rapper Roman Sotam, the Indigenous rapper from the Goshute Shoshone Tribe, embodies the power of embracing diversity and creating art within his own headspace. Raised in a culturally rich environment, Sotam draws from his diverse upbringing to craft a unique musical perspective. His introspective lyrics and raw storytelling offer […]

Embark on a musical odyssey with Kainalu, the moniker of Trent Prall, a captivating artist who merges dreamy indie pop with psychedelic undertones. Through lush melodies, intricate instrumentation, and introspective lyrics, Kainalu invites listeners to explore new dimensions of sound and emotion. In a recent interview with Markus Teuton, the host of “Indigenous Jazz” Trent […]

John Paul Hodge opened up about his experiences with being labeled based on his personal style and musical genre. Growing up, Hodge was heavily influenced by his father’s western wear and country music, but he also performed in different genres, such as thrash metal and soul. Unfortunately, Hodge’s cowboy hat and western wear often led to […]

Nils Rune Utsi, widely known as SlinCraze, is an exceptional artist who is on a mission to preserve and celebrate the vibrant culture of the Sámi, the Indigenous people of northern Europe. Through his mesmerizing music, SlinCraze captures the essence of Sámi heritage and amplifies their cultural identity to a global audience. With his heartfelt […]

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