Month: June 2024

PJ Vegas, an Indigenous singer-songwriter and sound curator hailing from Los Angeles, CA, has carved a unique path in the music industry with his distinctive blend of sultry vocals and gritty, genre-bending style. His talent and innovation were recognized with a MTV VMA for Best Video with a Message in 2017, followed by a Native […]

Dr. Lonnie Nelson, a distinguished descendant of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, has dedicated his career to addressing health disparities in Native American communities. With a passion for improving mental health, combating addiction, and enhancing overall well-being among Indigenous populations, Dr. Nelson has become a leading figure in public health research. His work has […]

Jeremy Dennis, a member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation and a contemporary fine art photographer, uses his lens to delve deep into the themes of indigenous identity, assimilation, and tradition. Raised on the Shinnecock Nation Reservation, Dennis holds an MFA from Pennsylvania State University and a BA in studio art from Stony Brook University. Rise: […]

At Daybreak Star Radio, we are thrilled to highlight the remarkable achievements of Crystle Lightning, an Indigenous actress from the Enoch Cree Nation in Alberta. Crystle’s journey in the entertainment industry began at the tender age of nine when her family moved from Canada to Los Angeles. Her first lead role in the feature film […]

Get Ready for Stommish Flow Fest 2024! Join us on June 15th at 8pm and enjoy an incredible lineup of talented artists who will be bringing their unique sounds and electrifying performances to the stage. Celebrate the rich tapestry of music and culture with: DJ BIG REZ Sten Joddi Sekawnee Hgs Cisko Stuey Lil Jim […]

Discover the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, nestled in Seattle’s Discovery Park. Founded in the 1970s by United Indians of All Tribes, this center arose from the efforts of urban Native activists claiming their land rights under the Treaty of Fort Laramie. Despite facing violent opposition, they transformed a decommissioned military base into a thriving […]

Daybreak Star Radio recently interviewed T.J. Morehouse, a Producers Guild of America member and enrolled Cherokee Nation member. With over 25 years in the industry, T.J. has excelled as a Location Manager, Production Manager, and Consultant. His award-winning screenplays, including “Plastic Indian” and “June in California,” showcase his storytelling talent. Inspired by cinematic and literary […]

At Daybreak Star Radio, we were thrilled to host an interview with the talented Elaine Miles, known for her iconic role as Marilyn Whirlwind on “Northern Exposure.” Interviewed by Ronnie the Blue-Eyed Native and Noelani, Elaine shared her incredible journey and how she has inspired countless actors with her authentic portrayal of Indigenous characters. A […]

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