Author: Dominick Joseph

Title: Bring Them Home Year: 2024 Duration: 1h 25m Directors: Daniel Glick, Ivan MacDonald, Ivy MacDonald Star: Lily Gladstone Viewed at: SIFF Cinema Uptown House 1 during the 2024 Seattle International Film Festival The Story “Bring Them Home” tells the compelling story of a group of Blackfoot people on a mission to re-establish the first […]

At Daybreak Star Radio, we love to highlight talented Native creatives. Recently, our hosts Red and Ronnie the Blue-Eyed Native interviewed Billy Luther, a celebrated writer, director, and producer. Here’s a snapshot of their conversation: “Frybread Face and Me“ Billy‚Äôs latest film, “Frybread Face and Me,” tells the story of two Navajo cousins bonding over […]

This Thursday at 11 AM PST, Daybreak Star Radio is bringing you an exclusive interview with USA gold medalist Billy Mills on The Weekly Take Sports Show. Hosted by Dominick Joseph, this captivating conversation will explore Mills’ extraordinary journey and enduring legacy in the world of sports. Who is Billy Mills? Billy Mills is a […]

In a recent interview on Daybreakstar Radio, we had the pleasure of exploring the captivating career of Cody Lightning. Born on August 8, 1986, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Lightning is renowned for his roles in “Brick” (2005) and “Four Sheets to the Wind” (2007), as well as his directorial debut, “Hey, Viktor!” (2023). Throughout our […]

In a recent interview conducted by Dominick Joseph, head women’s basketball coach at Haskell Indian Nations University, Coach Adam Strom shared valuable insights into his coaching philosophy, personal journey, and aspirations for the future. Coach Strom’s dedication to both athletic and academic excellence was evident as he discussed his approach to balancing his players’ academic […]

Meet Commander John Herrington, the first Native American astronaut from the Chickasaw Nation to journey into space! Born in Wetumka, Oklahoma, Herrington’s passion for space began early. He pursued a career in the U.S. Navy, where he excelled as a Naval Aviator. Spaceflight: In 2002, aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, Herrington made history, performing spacewalks […]

Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable Carlos A. Ortiz, a creative powerhouse and philanthropic leader. As the writer, producer, and director behind numerous impactful films and commercials, Carlos’s talents extend far beyond the silver screen. At the helm of LUNA, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering diversity and providing opportunities for underprivileged youth, he’s […]

Ronnie and Noelani from Daybreak Star Radio recently had the privilege of interviewing Bao Bao Chen, one of the driving forces behind the transformative project, Small Island Big Song. In this captivating conversation, Chen shared insights into the project’s mission, journey, and the profound impact it’s had on both the artists involved and audiences worldwide. […]

In a recent episode of the Weekly Take Podcast, sports editor Dominick Joseph hosted an exclusive interview with Sonny Sixkiller at Daybreak Star. Bernie Whitebear: Sonny’s excitement about being at Daybreak Star underscored the significance of the venue and its association with Bernie Whitebear. As a leader and advocate for Indigenous rights, Bernie’s legacy continues […]

  The game between the Seattle Kraken and the Washington Capitals provided a captivating showcase of skill and diversity in the NHL. T.J. Oshie, a member of the White Earth Nation, left a mark with an impressive unassisted power-play goal in the late stages of the second period. Oshie’s return to play in front of […]

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