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Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable Carlos A. Ortiz, a creative powerhouse and philanthropic leader. As the writer, producer, and director behind numerous impactful films and commercials, Carlos’s talents extend far beyond the silver screen. At the helm of LUNA, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering diversity and providing opportunities for underprivileged youth, he’s […]

Ronnie and Noelani from Daybreak Star Radio recently had the privilege of interviewing Bao Bao Chen, one of the driving forces behind the transformative project, Small Island Big Song. In this captivating conversation, Chen shared insights into the project’s mission, journey, and the profound impact it’s had on both the artists involved and audiences worldwide. […]

In a recent episode of the Weekly Take Podcast, sports editor Dominick Joseph hosted an exclusive interview with Sonny Sixkiller at Daybreak Star. Bernie Whitebear: Sonny’s excitement about being at Daybreak Star underscored the significance of the venue and its association with Bernie Whitebear. As a leader and advocate for Indigenous rights, Bernie’s legacy continues […]

  The game between the Seattle Kraken and the Washington Capitals provided a captivating showcase of skill and diversity in the NHL. T.J. Oshie, a member of the White Earth Nation, left a mark with an impressive unassisted power-play goal in the late stages of the second period. Oshie’s return to play in front of […]

In a recent interview on Daybreak Star Radio, DJ Dirty Harry and Ronnie the Blue Eyed Native shed light on the transformative power of Beaded Behind Bars. This initiative is on a mission to empower incarcerated individuals and their families through the art of beading. Beaded Behind Bars isn’t just about crafting—it’s about providing a […]

  Recently, Daybreak Star Radio had the pleasure of hosting the talented actress, Lily Gladstone. The interview provided a fascinating glimpse into Gladstone’s recent achievements in the film industry, as well as her future endeavors. One of the highlights of the conversation was Gladstone’s reflection on her recent film awards. With her stellar performances earning […]

Hailing from the Kiowa & Cherokee Nations, Lindy Waters III shines as a basketball standout, blending skill with cultural pride on the court. His journey from local courts to collegiate success with the Oklahoma State Cowboys is a testament to resilience and passion. Waters not only excels in basketball but also champions Indigenous voices, using […]

At Climate Pledge Arena on a late Thursday night , where the Seattle Kraken usually dominate the stands in their signature blue, something unexpected happened during their face-off against the Vancouver Canucks. Amongst the sea of blue, hints of green popped up as Canucks fans made their presence felt. This clash of colors added an […]

Travis Hamonic, a stalwart defenseman hailing from Manitoba’s Hamonic Farms, brings more than just skill to the rink – he carries with him the proud heritage of his Metis ancestry. Rising from the fields of his family farm, Hamonic’s journey to the NHL was marked by perseverance and passion. With a keen defensive prowess and […]

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