Exclusive Interview with Sonny Sixkiller at Daybreak Star Radio

Written by on March 21, 2024

In a recent episode of the Weekly Take Podcast, sports editor Dominick Joseph hosted an exclusive interview with Sonny Sixkiller at Daybreak Star.

Bernie Whitebear: Sonny’s excitement about being at Daybreak Star underscored the significance of the venue and its association with Bernie Whitebear. As a leader and advocate for Indigenous rights, Bernie’s legacy continues to inspire and empower communities.

Reliving UW Glory Days: Sixkiller shared nostalgic anecdotes from his time as a quarterback for the University of Washington in the 1970s, offering insights into the highs collegiate football. Inspiring Indigenous Youth: Sixkiller imparted heartfelt advice to Indigenous youth, emphasizing resilience, determination, and cultural pride as essential ingredients for success.




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