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In the world of Indigenous artistry, Aiya Reid and T’u Stanger shine as beacons of creativity and cultural preservation. Their recent interview with Noelani & Dirty Harry allowed us to glimpse the heart and soul of their artistic journeys. Aiya Reid’s deep connection to tradition and culture, as well as T’u Stanger’s fusion of elements, […]

Niandra Blonde’s interview on Daybreak Star Radio with hosts Dirty Harry and Noelle focused on his musical influences and upcoming releases. He shared how various artists have inspired his unique style and hinted at exciting projects in the pipeline. The conversation provided insight into his creative process and what fans can expect in the future. […]

Mary from Pacific Sami Searvi recently shared an exclusive sneak peek into the upcoming Yoik classes hosted by Ailloš this weekend in Seattle. In her enlightening interview, Mary emphasized the cultural significance of Yoik, a traditional form of Sámi song deeply rooted in nature and heritage. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in […]

Daybreak Star Radio is immensely grateful to the amazing performers, the audience, and our staff and volunteers at Resilient Voices this Saturday. We extend our heartfelt thanks to @djbigrez, @jointsoulsofficial, @misstonihill, and @khueex for their exceptional talent and contributions. DJ Big Rez brought vibrant rhythms, Joint Souls shared soulful melodies, Toni Hill captivated with empowering words, and […]

Embark on a musical odyssey with Kainalu, the moniker of Trent Prall, a captivating artist who merges dreamy indie pop with psychedelic undertones. Through lush melodies, intricate instrumentation, and introspective lyrics, Kainalu invites listeners to explore new dimensions of sound and emotion. In a recent interview with Markus Teuton, the host of “Indigenous Jazz” Trent […]

King County declared racism as a public health crisis in 2020, recognizing that governments need to acknowledge and respond by undoing the centuries of harms of systemic racism in our society and equitably invest in dismantling racism and protecting the health and well-being of Black, Indigenous and People of Color so that all communities thrive. […]

Daybreak Star Radio is honored to have the chance to interview James Beard award winning chef, restaurateur, author, speaker, and founder of a Non-Profit dedicated to addressing the economic and health crises affecting Native communities by re-establishing Native foodways. Chef Sean Sherman will be speaking at an in-person and virtual event at Seattle Public Library […]

Our team at Daybreak Star Radio had the amazing opportunity to interview Ruth-Ann Thorn. A native San Diegan, Ruth-Ann Thorn is a true native tribal member of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians. She brings a voice to elevating the Native American culture and in-turn the businesses community. Her entrepreneurship tireless work will leave a […]

Anushka is an upcoming rising senior in high school. She is very passionate about advocating for human rights and has been learning about immersing herself in other cultures. She also aspires to travel the world and meet people from all backgrounds in the future. Her Mission:  “I am on a mission to help Indigenous communities […]

Bryan Blanchette is a 21st century Abenaki artist. Daybreak Star Radio was honored to speak with Bryan and hear his stories. He brings 10,000 year old traditions into music and performance into a 21st century setting. A contemporary song may be sung in an Algonquian language, or a traditional pow wow song might be fused […]

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