Month: August 2021

Happy Thursday to all our relatives! What a great day today is!  There are new releases out from two of our favorite artists. Frank Waln, Sicangu Lakota, released “Concentration Camp Blues“.  This piece is a mash-up of Native Flute, Hip Hop, and Frank’s specific technique of spoken word.  Lyrics, “the settlers rigged the game when […]

Daybreak Star welcomes our relations from Central and South America.  Hailing from El Paso, Texas, DJ Abe Cortez will bring his love of lowriders, music, and sunshine to Daybreak Star Radio.  Every Sunday from 6pm to 8pm PST, Abe will be spinning up new and old school rock, R&B, and Hip Hop sounds for your […]

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation has a grant for reimbursement of school supplies, clothes, or after school programs for NATIVE Foster Youth who are enrolled in K through 12. All you need to know about reimbursements: Students must be Native American, Pacific Islander, or Alaskan Native Students must be enrolled in K-12 Students must […]

We are so very excited to bring to the Daybreak Star Airwaves the War Cry Podcast.  We will host an episode a week starting Tuesday the 10th at 1pm PST (Seattle Time!).  If you miss Tuesday, then will will air the episode a second time on Saturday at 1oam PST.  Each week will feature a […]

Crosscut, a service of Cascade Public Media, sent reporter Margo Vansynghel to out location to look over our set-up and hear our story.  We so enjoyed getting to spend some time discussing our station and goals.  Getting the word out about the wide range of indigenous music from all genres and making NDN voices heard is […]

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