War Cry Podcast

Written by on August 9, 2021

We are so very excited to bring to the Daybreak Star Airwaves the War Cry Podcast.  We will host an episode a week starting Tuesday the 10th at 1pm PST (Seattle Time!).  If you miss Tuesday, then will will air the episode a second time on Saturday at 1oam PST.  Each week will feature a new episode.  Check your timezone HERE to find out what time the show will air in your city, town, rez, mountain, or desert.

War Cry is a true crime podcast created, hosted and produced by an all Indigenous (Yakama) team.  Exploring cases and stories about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Men and members of the LGBTQ 2 Spirit community. Primarily focused on the Pacific NW but not limited to international MMIW/P issues in Canada and Mexico.  These women have put together information on the MMIW/P with permission from the families and strive for answers, to bring attention to our missing relatives, and for reunification of the families.  Combining culture, protocol, and extensive research they showcase each story with empathy, respect, and a desire for justice.

These episodes may be triggering.  Please listen with care for yourself as well as the people in the stories.  Take care of yourself and talk with your friends and family about emotions you feel.


War Cry Podcast

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