Native & Strong and Tribal Opiod Solutions

Written by on March 29, 2022

Tribal Opiod SolutionsOverdose rates in Indian Country are nearly triple the rate of any other community in Washington. The WA Tribal Opioid Solutions campaign provides educational resources for Tribes and tribal organizations working to address opioid prevention, overdose response and treatment. This campaign is funded by the Washington State Health Care Authority, SAMHSA State Opioid Response and informed by recommendations from tribal leaders.

Causes of Opiod Overdose:

An overdose can happen to anyone who takes opioids. A person is more likely to overdose if they:

When someone overdoses, their breathing will get very slow and may stop. They may look like they are sleeping and their lips and fingernails may appear pale, blue, or gray. An overdose can happen suddenly or come on slowly over the course of a few hours. Without oxygen, the result can be fatal.

The team at Daybreak Star Radio Station had an excellent opportunity to interview Julia Joyce from the SUDP & gambling outreach advocate for the Muckleshoot Behavioral Health Program. The Muckleshoot Tribe has customized their community’s Native and Strong and Tribal Opioid Solutions campaigns for their community. 


Additionally, Daybreak Star Radio interviewed with Sarah McNew, of the West Spokane Wellness Partnership, about addiction treatment needs in Eastern Washington.


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