Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center: A Beacon of Native Cultural Preservation

Written by on June 6, 2024

Discover the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, nestled in Seattle’s Discovery Park. Founded in the 1970s by United Indians of All Tribes, this center arose from the efforts of urban Native activists claiming their land rights under the Treaty of Fort Laramie. Despite facing violent opposition, they transformed a decommissioned military base into a thriving community space.

Colville elder Randy Lewis, a founding organizer, recalls the struggle and triumph of building this hub for healing, education, and community. Today, the center celebrates Native art, music, and culture, thanks to the vision of leaders like Lewis and gallery curator José Montaño.

Watch our video to hear Randy Lewis and José Montaño discuss the impact and legacy of Daybreak Star. Join us in celebrating and preserving Native heritage.


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