Day: July 6, 2021

Equipment day!  We have a team of radio professionals and newbies volunteering to set up our gear!  We have mics, speakers, headphones, a console, monitors, computers, and so many cables.  We got the table set-up and chairs inplace.  Harris is busy learning the ins and outs of al the items and our new software.  We […]

The Daybreak Star staff are all in this build.  Including hanging the ceiling and vacuuming the floors.  Harris and Sherry, our Program Director and Station Manager, hung the sound deadening ceiling tiles.  This was quite a task as the amount of fiberglass filtering off the panels was more than expected.  Harris had the honor of […]

We are so very excited to be bringing NDN music to the Internet AirWaves!  There is SO MUCH TO DO!!!  First, clear out room that has been used for storage and inventory for 10 years.  Dust everywhere.  Second, clean and paint.  Third, get sprinklers up to code.  Fourth, hang drop ceiling as the noise from […]

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