Robin Ladue Interview

Written by on November 2, 2022

Daybreak Star was very excited to interview Dr. Robin LaDue!

Robin is a retired clinical psychologist formerly in private practice in Washington State. Robin’s grandfather and great-uncles were survivors of the Cushman Boarding School, having been removed from their parents and experienced the horrors of having their hair cut, not being able to speak their language, and losing their culture.

Dr. LaDue is very passionate about making sure every woman is able to raise healthy babies.

Be sure to check out her book: Totems of September: A Novel of Loss, Healing and Redepemtion. In her first historical novel, Totems of September, Emmy-nominated author Robin Ladue uses her Native American storytelling tradition of circles on circles and lives on lives. It is interspersed with the culture of the Northwest and Plains tribes through the use of animal legend and myths.

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