Gary Bigbear Artist Interview

Written by on August 24, 2022

Daybreak Star Radio had the honor of interviewing artist Gary Bigbear.Gary Bigbear

Since relocating from the Great Plains to the Pacific Northwest in 2002, Gary Bigbear has experienced living in a more densely populated urban area juxtaposed with the diverse natural habitats of forests, mountains, coastlines, the Pacific Ocean and Salish Sea. He tends to get swept up in bold colors and sounds expressed through abstracted images from imagination.

Gary Bigbear AbstractWhile reflecting upon his surroundings—such as roundabouts, robins, tree-scapes, coyotes, and traffic— he is inspired to draw and paint about the still-wild spaces amidst growing urban development.

Through the mediums of drawing and painting, three veins of work have evolved. Urban Escapes is a series of oil paintings about his backyard and other Gary Bigbear Artsurviving natural spaces in and around Olympia, WA; while Black and White Drawings and Expressionist Paintings reveal glimpses or memories of time, both past and present. Gary’s goal is to allow his work to encompass the many common, everyday mysteries that provoke the life force in each of its forms.

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