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Written by on November 18, 2021

Join Daybreak Star Radio Station as they interview Becky George who works for Volunteers of America Western Washington to help serve American Indian and Alaskan Native communities.

From Becky:

“After graduation I landed a job as a Residential Counselor at Galena Interior Learning Academy in Galena, Alaska. It was a residential school for youth who lived in remote villages that may have not had a high school or the family wanted their youth to have experiences outside the village and be able to prepare for college/ trade school. It was an eye-opening experience. After that I moved south to Fairbanks where I worked for a non-profit that licensed Therapeutic Foster Homes for youth. I worked with Native and Non-Native Families during the licensing process. During this time I had the pleasure of working with the Tanana Chiefs Conference to help families get the resources they needed to travel to and from the villages for medical appointments.

After leaving Alaska I worked on a Military contract for a few years before getting a job as a Social Worker at Tulalip Tribes. During my time at Tulalip, I work as a Guardianship Social Worker. I helped put youth into guardianships and helped keep the guardianships stable. At times it was difficult to keep a guardianship stable due to lack of resources, not knowing where to go for help, and never hearing from agencies again. The goal of the Washington Indian Behavioral Health HUB is to help individuals and families find resources and provide follow up support. Two of the biggest things I have noticed that individuals and families need.”

The HUB was developed in partnership with:

  • Tribal Centric Behavioral Health Advisory
  • American Indian Health Commission
  • Volunteers of America Western
  • Health Care Authority and the Department
    of Health

Washington Indian Behavioral Health Hub can assist with:

  • Coordinating care for individuals experiencing behavioral health concerns prior to a crisis.
  • Assistance with accessing treatment beds (voluntary or involuntary).
  • Follow-up on crisis Lifeline referrals.
  • Coordinate care after a client has been discharged from a facility (psychiatric hospital, emergency room visit, outpatient crisis treatment services).
  • Provide culturally appropriate resources and assist with overcoming barriers.
  • Assist Designated Crisis Responders to connect with Tribal and non-Tribal behavioral health service resources and accessing and following Tribal crisis coordination protocols.
  • Provide light case management (follow-up for two weeks).
  • Collect individual feedback on the cultural sensitivity of treatment facilities and programs.

If this is something you are interested in checking out click here or call 1-866-491-1683

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