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RONN!E: The Blue Eyed Native – A Voice of Two Spirits and a Pillar of the (Sƛ̕púlmx) Cowlitz Tribe

Hailing from the esteemed (Sƛ̕púlmx) Cowlitz Tribe of Washington, RONN!E, fondly known as the “Blue Eyed Native,” embodies the essence of a Two-Spirit artist and designer. Their artistic prowess is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of their tribe, making them a well-respected and active member within their community.

For nearly a decade, RONN!E has been the driving force behind, keeping their finger firmly on the ever-changing pulse of the entertainment world. Their meticulous attention to detail, combined with an unyielding passion for storytelling, has earned them accolades and respect among peers and audiences alike.

But RONN!E’s ambitions don’t stop there. They’re now on a mission to bring the same caliber of content to Daybreak Star Radio, but with a unique twist. Drawing inspiration from his Native heritage, RONN!E aims to shed light on stories that resonate deeply with the community, offering a platform for voices that deserve to be heard.

Tune in to “Reel Natives” every Thursday from 7pm PST / 10pm EST, where RONN!E delves into the vibrant world of Indigenous cinema, books, games, comics, and more that capture the heart and soul of Native communities.

And for those seeking a melodic escape, “Hearts & Arrows” airs from Monday to Thursday, 9pm PST / 12am EST, offering listeners a harmonious blend of tracks to make you feel something.

Join RONN!E in celebrating the beauty, resilience, and diversity of Native and Indigenous cultures. Only on Daybreak Star.



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