Evan ‘Ev’ Lott

Evan Lott: An Ode to Melodic Beginnings

Greetings! I’m Evan Lott, but in the world of rhythm and beats, just Ev will do. My roots trace back to the windswept beauty of Island St. Paul, with the lively cityscape of Seattle being my birthplace and my playground.

Music is the language of my spirit, a constant presence that has shaped the soundtrack of my life. Since childhood, melodies have been my faithful companions, with my mother’s choir songs serving as a gentle alarm clock and a lullaby, weaving through the tapestry of my days. Our home was a treasure trove of instruments, each one an invitation to explore and create.

As I grew, so did my fascination with the art of sound. By middle school, production had captured my heart; it began with the innocent desire to craft beats free from the binds of copyright, and it blossomed into a passion for the entire process of music creation.

Now, as a Junior at Ballard High School, I’m bringing this passion, along with a knack for research, to my internship with Daybreak Star Radio. It’s an exciting new stage, a chance to blend the skills of my youth with the knowledge I’m eager to gain.

So, if you happen to cross paths with me, don’t hesitate to throw a friendly “hey” my way. After all, every greeting is the potential start of a new harmony, and I’m all about creating connections that resonate.

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