John Paul Hodge: Breaking Through Stereotypes in Music

Written by on May 22, 2023

John Paul Hodge¬†opened up about his experiences with being labeled based on his personal style and musical genre. Growing up, Hodge was heavily influenced by his father’s western wear and country music, but he also performed in different genres, such as thrash metal and soul.

Unfortunately, Hodge’s cowboy hat and western wear often led to politicization of his music, as people made assumptions about his genre and style based on those visual cues. This experience highlights a larger issue in the music industry, where artists are often categorized and labeled based on superficial factors, limiting their exploration of different styles and sounds.

Despite these challenges, Hodge has created a genre-defying sound that blends western and soul influences. By embracing his background and personal style, Hodge has created a musical identity that is entirely his own.

John Paul Hodge’s story serves as an inspiration to all artists who face stereotypes and misconceptions in their career. By breaking free from labels and embracing your unique identity and style, you can create music that truly resonates with your audience. So, let’s celebrate diversity in music and break down the barriers that limit creativity and expression

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