Quileute Human Services Department

Written by on February 21, 2022

Join Daybreak Star Radio Network as they interview Miss Ann Penn-Charles and Jody Heller from the Quileute Human Services department about Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco prevention. Click HERE to find out more on the Quileute Nation website.

The Quileute have been hit hard by the pandemic regarding access to resources. To continue their programs, many of their staff moved back to their hometowns when the pandemic started, so they are now are very understaffed. Additional challenges they face include lack of access to the internet, transportation, and mental health services. However, under the leadership and help of these women (and others) they have adapted to the evolving circumstances of the pandemic by facilitating cultural activities, organizing community and family events, and working with state agencies such as HCA and SOAR to utilize grant funding for initiatives such as recovery support services, phone cards, laptops, and much more. 

State agencies, such as HCA’s Tribal Opioid Solutions Campaign, are shifting to be Native-led. This is critical to creating programs that look, sound, and feel more relevant to the people they serve. HCA’s WA Tribal Opioid Solutions campaign relies on engagement and collaboration with tribes and tribal organizations in all phases of the campaign to ensure the materials will resonate with their communities and complement their existing efforts. They are the subject matter experts, and we want to communicate that HCA’s campaign approach centers Native people working in behavioral health to share their lived experiences and perspectives on opioid misuse and suicide prevention work in the communities they serve.

If you are interested in hearing more about the HCA’s WA Tribal Opioid Solutions Campaign please click HERE





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