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Indigenous Jazz

Indigenous Jazz

Indigenous Jazz

Jazz Rhythms and Deep Native Roots: Markus Dekanogisdi Teuton’s “Indigenous Jazz”

Osiyo! Greetings to all with the warmth of a friendly fireside chat.

I am Markus Dekanogisdi Teuton, a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation, deeply rooted in the Echota-Tanasi Ceremonial Ground in Park Hill, Oklahoma. My journey has woven through the vibrant tapestry of music, leading me to the University of Washington, where I immerse myself in the rich harmonies of Jazz Studies and the profound narratives of History.

Music is the language of my spirit, and I am ever-present in the eclectic Seattle music scene. My soul thrives in the diverse soundscape of Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Rock. You may catch the echo of my guitar in the hush of local Jazz clubs or in the dynamic performances with my band, Joint Souls, where we blend notes to create a symphony of connection.

The airwaves of Daybreak Star Radio resonate every Thursday at 3 pm PST and Sunday at 12 pm PST with the sound of my show, “Indigenous Jazz.” Here, I celebrate the fusion of Indigenous culture and jazz music, spinning a collection that resonates with the heartbeat of our people, featuring both the contemporary and timeless pieces of Indigenous Jazz artists. This is more than music; it’s a narrative of our identity, creativity, and resilience.

In every note I play and through each broadcast I host, I embody “Gadugi,” a guiding principle of my heritage that speaks to the power of community and collaboration. It’s a call to join hands and hearts, to uplift and forge a path forward where we all thrive in harmony. “Indigenous Jazz” isn’t just a show; it’s a movement, a platform where the spirit of “Gadugi” dances to the rhythm of our shared stories.

So, to all who find solace in the embrace of music and to those who seek the unity of community, I invite you to join me. Let’s explore the world of Indigenous Jazz together, where each chord is a step towards collective growth, and every melody a celebration of our shared journey.

Wado, and thank you, for being part of this melody. Remember, “Indigenous Jazz” is a gathering, it’s a community, it’s a family. And it’s already here, waiting for you on Daybreak Star Radio every Thursday and Sunday.

Indigenous Jazz w/ Markus every Thursday at 3 pm PST and Sunday at 12 pm PST

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