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Hailing from the mighty LUMMI NATION, David Hilliare has spent his life working fingers to the bone for the benefit of Northwest music.  Teaching youth about the great classics all the way to dominating tracks on his own accord.  Nothing gets in the way of someone with true spirited talent and a tenacity like no other…. for the spotlight.  Now hosting “THE TAKEOVER” show on KZAX radio BIG REZ works a wide variety of events to support the thriving artist community and the community as a whole. DJ BIG REZ has mixtapes, event booking, private parties, over 1,000 paid events to credit and aims to expand nationally. Mixtape Master of Ceremonies

More commonly known for his tremendous catalog as far as dances, weddings, celebrations,  any time you want to enjoy good music DJ BIG REZ can equip and run your event with minimal staff and maximum attention to detail.

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