Interview with Adapt Psilocybin Ballot Fundraiser

Written by on November 15, 2021

Adapt Psilocybin Ballot Fundraiser coming up at 7:00 pm on December 7, 2021 at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center.  Tickets available at ADAPT-WA.ORG

Join Daybreak Star Radio Station as they interview Hailey Maria Salazar (Yoeme/Apache), an Indigenous Education Scholar & Medicine Keeper. Hailey is a founder and board of directors of Copyleft Cultivars, a nonprofit organization working to preserve and protect plant medicine genetics, breeders, and cultivators with copyleft creative commons. Hailey envisions a future of a balanced and integrated ecosystem that supports the many generations of Earthbeings to come. 

 As for our other guest Pat Donahue, a defense attorney who has been practicing law out of Spokane, Washington, since 2014, Pat has tried cases ranging in severity from multiple counts of first-degree murder and misdemeanor assaults as a defense attorney. Pat has never, will never represent the state or federal government in a criminal proceeding. Pat eagerly awaits the day when this nation’s approach to drug use is fueled by science and reason that propaganda and fear. 

Be sure to checkout the full video on Daybreak Star Radio Station’s YouTube Channel


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