Jet Appling / Underwriting Agent

Born in Detroit, Jet left home at age eighteen and moved to Atlanta where among other discoveries he found a love for fundraising. He has supported organizations as a team captain, marathon runner, or event planner since 2002 while living in cities like Las Vegas and San Diego. In 2010, when he arrived in Oakland and was introduced to burlesque, everything changed. After years of dancing on stages across the US, Europe, and Canada he returned to supporting organizations except this time from behind a laptop. Jet has been helping organizations like No-Shave November, The Body Political, BurlyCon, and Spirit Rock (an Insight Meditation Center) since 2018 as he continues to learn about altruism in all its forms. He believes there’s only one response after getting knocked down, get up. Jet is a philanthropist, athlete (runner), consent educator, and business developer who believes in asking “what’s the best that could happen?” He lives in Oakland with his two cats.

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